“Art is just an extension of who you are as a person.”

"I don't look at anything like 'this is my work life and this is my personal life'... It's just life and I put everything I have into everything and that's it...  It's so much more meaningful when everything touches."

Nikki Johnson-Huston, Esq. on Success

Wisdom of Our (S)ages

"The fear that I had and we all have . . . is that we realize that we aren't complete.  And so we have to have these projections of thoughts into the future that will make us whole, for fulfillment and hope, when it's not necessary."

Anna Lovind on Giving

Henrik Stubbe Teglbjaerg on Materialism

Avril Somerville on Creativity

"When you go on a hike, do you hike down to the lowlands or do you hike up to the highlands? ... I think every human wants that perspective from a little higher."

“We are addicted to holding on to stuff and it just becomes one more ‘thing’.  It’s wonderful to create this beautiful thing and then just let go of it.”

Reid Wiseman on Perspective

Marc Vetri on Passion

"I didn't go to the page with words that rhymed in mind.  It came from a deep place and it traveled to my fingertips and I started to write it.  And write it and write it and write it... And that's when you know you've done justice to your gifts: when you have emptied out your soul full."

“By helping people, you are helped.”

Pat Croce on Mindfulness

"I wasn't going to be judged by the success I had but the success that I helped other people to have."

Kate Leong on Goodwill

"When I get really close to my core and do my work from there, that's when it touches other people the most.  It's a paradox in a way because, when I give up the ambition to help other people, it seems I'm helping them even more."

Caroline Rose on Art