Della Mae

Kate Leong, Part 1

Today we feature the amazing women of Della Mae. In May, they released one of our favorite records of 2015. Go see them live when they return to the US next month. Read our piece in No Depression on them, buy "Della Mae," and get lost on YouTube watching them jam.

The amazing KATE LEONG of Chasing Rainbows shares her powerful story of what inspired her to begin the wildly popular blog. More importantly, she tells of how her writing continues to inspire and sustain her.

Kill County, Part 1

Moon Taxi

We interviewed KILL COUNTY and talked them into playing the record's opening track "Beat up Iron." Just like they did throughout that whole record, they broke our heart again with this beautiful song.

Moon Taxi's excellent studio album, Daybreaker, was released on October 2. That afternoon, we talked to Spencer Thomson and Wes Bailey at Austin City Limits Festival about their early influences and who inspired them as young musicians.

Nikki Giovanni

One our greatest living poets, NIKKI GIOVANNI, sits down with us to discuss her new book A GOOD CRY.

Vy Higginsen

Jared Seide

In our first #Gen2Gen story, playwright and author VY HIGGINSEN tells the beautiful story of sharing songs and stories with a new generation of her beloved Harlem community. JARED SEIDE, founding director of Los Angeles-based CENTER FOR COUNCIL, talks to us about confronting the illusion of separation that polarizes American society in 2017.

R. Douglas Fields, Ph.D.

Michael Adee, Ph.D.
DOUG FIELDS talks about what triggers our rage circuit and how recognizing those triggers can be the difference between life and death, tragedy and heroism. MICHAEL ADEE shares a glimpse of his groundbreaking advocacy work with the Global Faith & Justice Project.

Andrew Schulman

Noah Mayfield

ANDREW SCHULMAN talks to us about his incredible near-death experience and his amazing book that tells the tale, WAKING THE SPIRIT. NOAH MAYFIELD, of the BMORE Writer's Project talks to us about his mentor D. Watkins, and the influence he's had on his own difficult life and his soaring art.

Chloe Smith and Leah Song

Mondo Cozmo

Sisters Chloe and Leah of RISING APPALACHIA talk to us about their innovative and inspiring Slow Music Movement. MONDO COZMO talks to us about his #1 hit "Shine" and his gratitude for his long journey to success.

D. Watkins

Biko Casini

D. WATKINS is one of the most important Americans writers working today. His new book is THE COOK UP. He talks with us about his hometown of Baltimore and how it shaped his voice and perspective. BIKO CASINI talks to us of the inspiration he draws from the global community of artists, activists, farmers, healers, and warriors, who are busy building an alternate world.

Mark Nepo

Drew Ramsey, MD

Poet MARK NEPO talks to us about his fascination with metaphor and how he's learned though much trial and error to truly live from his heart. DREW RAMSEY talks to us about the genesis of his new book EAT COMPLETE, a cookbook full of gorgeous photographs and delicious surprises that can transform our plates, our brains, and, most importantly, our lives.

Elizabeth Lesser

Peggy Orenstein

Best-selling author of MARROW, ELIZABETH LESSER tells us a special Mother's Day story about her mother's last gift. PEGGY ORENSTEIN talks with us about her new book, GIRLS & SEX, a vital conversation starter about intimate justice and the radical new sexual landscape.

Mark Wolynn

Doug Abrams

MARK WOLYNN’s fascinating new book, IT DIDN'T START WITH YOU details findings from his 25 years of research and therapy practice in how family trauma manifests in ways far greater than we ever before understood. DOUG ABRAMS accompanied Desmond Tutu to Dharamsala, India to join the Dalai Lama as he celebrated his 80th birthday. The plan: to create an enduring gift to the world by sharing the practices, science, and stories that surround joy from two of the most exuberant moral leaders on the planet.

Colum McCann

Rev. Poorman Sturgis

Widely acknowledged as one of the great writers of our language, COLUM McCANN shares his wisdom in his new book "Letters to a Young Writer." In it, McCann weaves together small, beautiful prayers to the power of writing. Rev. STURGIS POORMAN has dedicated his life to to easing the suffering of families who come to our shores daring for a better life. Here he offers his views about the differences in the motives and challenges faced by immigrants and refugees who come to America.

Tara Brach, Part 3

Priyamvada Nataraja

TARA BRACH's Insight Meditation Community committed to a yearlong mindfulness practice using the educational resources and spiritual guidance of White Awake, an organization dedicated to combatting white supremacy by supporting white people’s engagement in the creation of a just society. Dr. PRIYAMVADA NATARAJAN, Guggenheim Fellow and honored professor of astronomy and physics at Yale, has committed to draw back the veil on her complex profession. She realizes just how critical it is for the public to understand both the scientific process and basic scientific literacy.

Wesley Lowery, Part 2

Wesley Lowery, Part 1

In this second part of our conversation with WESLEY LOWERY, he juxtaposes our national guilt in facing our “original sin of slavery” with our urge to prove we are better now. We want so desperately to show that we wouldn’t have made the same decisions of our forefathers. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist WESLEY LOWERY's new book "They Can't Kill Us All" provides historical context and expansive, vivid stories curated from hundreds of interviews to bring to light our generation’s struggle for racial justice. Wesley talks to us about his approach for truly transparent journalism.

Melissa Fitzgerald

Sean Hoots

MELISSA FITZGERALD’s journey from a successful actor best known for her seven-year stint on THE WEST WING to a full-time role in the non-profit sector with JUSTICE FOR VETS speaks to the wild, unpredictable nature of uncovering one’s authentic path. SEAN HOOTS, frontman of the great Americana band Hoots and Hellmouth, talks to us about the vital necessity of an artist to embrace change.

Kevan Whitson

Shane Claiborne, Part 2

KEVAN WHITSON made a journey to Old Tom’s about 25 years ago, venturing from his golf-rich native Scotland to Newcastle, and has never left. In his time as Head Pro at Royal County Down, he’s hosted all of golf’s elite and a few royals, along with thousands of pilgrims like me. Kevan graciously invited me to sit and talk about the links, the new #1 ranking, and the mark the game has made on his life. Claiborne begins our talk by revealing his own shift from supporting capital punishment to his slow change of heart and mind as he looked deeper into the stories of the death penalty.

Rim Bakir

Father James Martin, Part 2

Architect and Activist RIM BAKIR talks of the devastation of her hometown of Aleppo, Syria, and the work she and Narenj Tree Foundation do to support Syrian refugees. In this second part of our conversation, FATHER JAMES MARTIN reflects on a moment of his life when he was out of balance between stillness and service.

Father James Martin, Part 1

Shane Claiborne, Part 1

As arguably the second best-known Jesuit in America, FATHER JAMES MARTIN might be both the most unlikely and most well-positioned sage to guide our relationship with social media. SHANE CLAIBORNE is an author, activist, and founder of the intentional community The Simple Way. Shane is the trailblazer of the movement called New Monasticism, a radical rebirth of rich traditions in Christian practices.

Peter Shapiro

Eboo Patel

PETER SHAPIRO has had a wild ride recently. Last summer, he was the architect for one of the most ambitious, talked about, and successful events of the 21st century: the five concerts that made up Fare Thee Well: Celebrating 50 Years of the Grateful Dead.

When US NEWS & WORLD REPORT chooses EBOO PATEL as one of America’s Best Leaders, it gives hope that our cultural values are shifting. We had a fascinating discussion about Eboo’s visionary work at the helm of Interfaith Youth Core, the work that earned him a Rhodes Scholarship, an Ashoka Fellowship and a seat in President Obama’s Faith Council.

Tara Brach, Part 2

Jonathan Foust

As a clinical psychologist, best-selling author, beloved teacher, and founder of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, DC, DR. TARA BRACH not only bridges East and West, but also science and spirituality, even masculine and feminine energies.

Meditation and mindfulness expert JONATHAN FOUST talks about his work with men who want to change course. Men who have a growing awareness that they have inherited a lineage from their fathers, their grandfathers, that keeps them separate, closed off, hardened. And men who want to stop the trend, to become the “creators of their karma.”

Femi Kuti

Tara Brach, Part 1

Afrobeat legend FEMI KUTI tells us why, through all the turmoil he’s seen in his life, he named his band “Positive Force.” We also talked about the external pressures of making the courageous jump away from his famous father to embrace his own destiny.

As a clinical psychologist, best-selling author, beloved teacher, and founder of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, DC, DR. TARA BRACH not only bridges East and West, but also science and spirituality, even masculine and feminine energies.

Brian La Fountain, Part 2

Brian La Fountain, Part 1

In this second part of our talk, naturalist BRIAN LA FOUNTAIN shares the gripping story of a cancer survivor and the tree that saved his life.

As a naturalist and guide for The Omni Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, Virginia, BRIAN LA FOUNTAIN brings a playful, humorous touch to his vital work as advocate for the incredible life-saving and life-affirming plants and animals he lives and works among.

Dave Weiner & Connor Swegle

Peter Rowan, Part 3

Dave Weiner and Connor Swegle, founders of PRIORITY BICYCLES, talk to us about all that went on behind the scenes leading up to their incredible Kickstarter success and company launch.

July 4th is PETER ROWAN's 74th birthday, which seems kind of fitting for us. Nobody we know represents the great breadth of the genre now called Americana better than Peter. Here, he plays us the first two songs he wrote as a lovesick pre-teen.

Jeffrey Foucault

Nikki Johnson-Huston

Great songwriter JEFFREY FOUCAULT tells us of his songwriting beginnings and about the difference in his work between inspiration and craft. His new record is called Salt as Wolves.

NIKKI JOHNSON-HUSTON, ESQ. embodies a rare, yet critical role as an ambassador between the working and middle class, a translator between liberals and conservatives, a bridge between races.

Wavy Gravy

Sam Calagione, Part 2

WAVY GRAVY recently celebrated the 80th year of his amazing life. The lifetime activist and founder SEVA, Wavy tells us the story of the time he and a bus full of hippies helped save the grey whales.

In the second part of our talk with the creative mastermind behind Dogfish Head's wonderfully irreverent culture, SAM CALAGIONE tells us about his early hatred of "The Man" and how focusing that rebellion in a positive way gave him true life direction.

Sam Calagione, Part 1

Aishwarya Rana

If you've ever had one of Dogfish Head Beer's "off-centered ales," you'll understand why we wanted to talk to brewing artist and founder SAM CALAGIONE. In his new book Off-Centered Leadership, Sam takes his readers on a "leadership walkabout" as he explores his own growth and the growth of craft beer.

AISHWARYA RANA, Director at MERCY CORPS NEPAL, talked with us about the ongoing work and ensuring strength of the Nepali people a year after the devasting earthquake that hit their country.

Kate Leong, Part 2

Peter Urscheler

In the second installment of our conversation, Chasing Rainbows writer KATE LEONG lets us in on her secret to freedom. The day she stopped hiding her history with alcoholism, and wrote publically about her struggles openly, it lost its grip on her.

Earlier this year, PETER URSCHELER was named the 81st President of the Pennsylvania Jaycees. In this 3MS, Peter tells of the tragic passing of his beloved mother and how it prompted him to take stock of his life.

Pat Croce, Part 2

Pat Croce, Part 1

In this second part of our talk with PAT CROCE, a titan in sports, business, and wellness, he admits that his success was never enough. He chased, he achieved, yet he was not fulfilled. He credits his meditation practice for laying the foundation for a spiritual awakening that cracked him wide open.

PAT CROCE, the tireless entrepreneur, best-selling author and motivational speaker, professional sports owner, museum founder, and adventure seeker has lived his 60+ years on this Earth full-tilt. Hear Pat's newfound take on courage and living in the now.

Marc Vetri

Celina de Sola

World-renowned chef MARC VETRI is a creative genius with few peers in the kitchen. Recently, we became even more enraptured with his other work: his passionate writing for the Huffington Post and his inspired community work through the Vetri Community Partnership.

Nine years ago, CELINA DE SOLA co-founded Glasswing International in her native El Salvador. In less than a decade, Glasswing has impacted the lives of over 600,000 people and directed over $17 million towards health and education programs in Central America.

Andrew Ockenden

Kill County, Part 2

Andrew Ockenden tells us of his impetus for starting BAND SEED, a Harlem-based non-profit that builds skill, creates opportunity and changes lives through music.

KILL COUNTY released their brilliant fourth album, Broken Glass in the Sun in 2015. We talked with them from their home base in Austin, TX about the inspiration behind the band and those beautiful, stark songs.

Molly Barker

Anna Lovind

Girls on the Run founder MOLLY BARKER's new organization, Red Boot Coalition, is based on something that keeps breaking her heart: the ugly divisiveness of our culture, the ‘us vs. them’ polarization that permeates politics, religion, race, and so much of American society today.

Meet ANNA LOVIND: writer, mentor of hungry creatives, and founder of The Creative Doer. Anna generously invites us to dial into her hard-earned wisdom that came, in part, from this quest to transform her dreams into a new reality.

Reid Wiseman, Part 2

Reid Wiseman, Part 1

In part two of our talk with American astronaut REID WISEMAN, we discuss what fear is like when you actually leave the planet. There's great metaphor here, and Reid's typical great perspective: “Well, I made this far. I’m going for it.”

REID WISEMAN is an American astronaut, engineer, and Naval aviator. Reid talked to us about his perspective on life, his obvious gratitude for what he's been able to experience, and his understanding of what that experience means to children and adults alike.

Dr. Dan Gottlieb, Part 2

Dr. Dan Gottlieb, Part 1

DR. DAN GOTTLIEB talks about the shame he felt dealing with his learning disability, sexual abuse, divorce, and a traumatic accident that left him paralyzed from the neck down. In opening to his suffering, he found a gifts that have brought healing and meaning to countless people, and ultimately, to himself.

DR. DAN GOTTLIEB has many impressive, successful roles: psychologist, award-winning host of “Voices in the Family” on NPR, former columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, national lecturer, and best-selling author of six books, including his most recent publication of “The Wisdom We’re Born With.”

Peter Rowan, Part 2

Peter Rowan, Part 1

Peter tells of Bill Monroe’s (and his own) respect for his father, his teenage love of The Romantic Poets, and the connection of those romantic themes with his burgeoning devotion to a life of music.

From his early days as one of Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Boys through his work beside Jerry Garcia and David Grisman in the influential Old & In the Way to his latest record Dharma Blues, PETER ROWAN embodies the music we now call Americana.

Glennon Doyle Melton, Part 2

Glennon Doyle Melton, Part 1

New York Times bestselling author GLENNON DOYLE MELTON shares what it has meant to step into her divinity, and the challenge that comes from awakening our inherent worthiness.

Meet GLENNON DOYLE MELTON. Unwrap her slowly. Listen to her journey towards wholeness. Then join her beloved family, a half million strong, over at Read her New York Times best-selling book Carry On, Warrior.

Jim Lauderdale

Ben Cohen

Grammy winner JIM LAUDERDALE has both defined and busted genres as a prolific songwriter, producer, and performer. Jim reminisces about his first moments of defining himself as a songwriter and musician.

I literally grabbed BEN COHEN off the dance floor (hence my panting) at a recent Donna the Buffalo show to talk about his movement to Stamp Money Out of Politics. As is Ben's way, he was kind enough to duck into a backstage space to talk with us.

Manny DeMutis

Jeff Austin

We spoke to "MANNY" DEMUTIS about his recent hometown development project. Under Manny’s leadership, this development harnessed the grit and reliance that still pulse through Phoenixville, PA’s veins. Calling upon his immigrant roots, he built on the legacy of generations of steel workers who came to this country for good jobs and better lives.

For 16 years, JEFF AUSTIN led the genre-bending Yonder Mountain String Band to unprecedented heights for a 21st Century bluegrass jam band. For the last year and a half, he's followed his courage and his belief in the music to chart a new course for the Jeff Austin Band. His story, his gratitude, and his love of collaboration are inspiring..

Henrik Stubbe Teglbjaerg

Caroline Rose

Community artist HENRIK STUBBE TEGLBJAERG has been the driving force behind an amazing art installation/community experience called "The Firebird Festival." Henrik talks to us about the devastation of 2014's arson attack and the ensuing moments of clarity and beauty that rose from the ashes as his community came together.

Today we feature powerhouse singer and songwriter Caroline Rose. She'll be supporting Nathaniel Rateliff in a string of dates starting this week. Listen to her wise-beyond-her-years take on living courageously. . . and get her music in your life!

Erika Johnson

Avril Somerville

Through 15 years of "celebrating music, art and life in an intimate, visually stunning environment," FLOYDFEST has turned into one of the best music festivals in America. ERIKA JOHNSON, one of Floydfest's co-founders, tells of how her unique local community inspired her vision for this amazing festival.

AVRIL SOMERVILLE is a writer, educator, mother. Her new book is A Journey of Life on Purpose: Creativity, Love, Womanhood, Community, Race, Identity. Hear her inspirational truth about our divine purpose and power.